Cockpit Enclosure Production Using Sunbrella Plus Canvas

Manufacturing of Cockpit Enclosure

We produce this cover, having as main objective to create a comfortable and luminous shelter space. Housing users of adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain or sun without giving up the visibility to the outside, through large windows in high quality vinyl. With this cover, we can still increase the total covert space of ​​your boat.

Use of Sunbrella Canvas

Again, we did applied a top canvas as Sunbrella. With its 5-year factory warranty, we know that we are delivering a quality product to our customers. The wide range of colours also allows to customize this cover according to the preferences of the customer.

UV Clear Vinyl Resistant

Ensuring excellent brightness was a requirement when design this piece. We were able to fulfill this requirement using quality clear vinyl. The weight used allows a behaviour identical to the canvas, this will avoiding the appearance of wrinkles.

Template Techniques

At Blaus we take great pride in the techniques we apply to template production. We know that a good template is 50% of a good job, so we have developed over the years, techniques that allow us excellent final results.


Great attention to detail such as the use of sun-protected YKK zippers or the design of the cover itself, highlight our products from the competitores.