Dodger production with Sunbrella canvas and Gore Tenara sewing thread

Manufacture of Dodger

Blaus did another excellent job. As you can see in the pictures, we made a Dodger in January 2017 for a 38-foot sailboat.

The manufacture of this Dodger was made using resistant, durable and modern materials. For this purpose was used Sunbrella canvas, a reference in the nautical market both for the production of Dodgers and other type of covers like Biminis, Awnings and Lazy Bags.

Production of Dodger with Canvas Sunbrella

The Sunbrella canvas offers a 5-year color warranty, which translates into an image guarantee that will last and withstand the wear and tear to which the Dodger are subjected.

The Sunbrella canvas, being a reference in the nautical textile market, produces technologically advanced materials and designed to withstand harsh and demanding atmospheric conditions.

Gore Tenara sewing thread for Dodger production

For the production of this Capuchana was still used Gore Tenara sewing thread.

The Gore Tenara line offers a 15-year warranty which together with the Sunbrella canvas offer the best results in terms of strength and durability.

Dodger production techniques

In the production of this cover, reinforcement techniques were used that maximize all materials used. Double reinforcements with high resistance PVC were used in the zones of higher loads.

The Dodgers manufactured by Blaus are also a reference in the care of the details, as we can see in the cover of the zipper’s cars and opening for passage of the tuning rope from main sail travellers.

This work was completely customised according to the client’s specifications, in terms of shape, size and position of the windows, and Dodger’s global geometry.