Nautical Services

Nautical services: sails, covers, awnings, upholstery, carpets, rigging, leather work and textile cleaning. All services for your boat or house

Blaus is a nautical company that performs all kinds of nautical services for your boat. Whether it is a cruise or regatta sail, the tailor made sailing work made according with your sailing program, guarantees you the best results and performance.

In addition to the services of sailmaking, we also perform tailor made works such as covers, awnings, upholstery, carpets. If you need cover for your boat, covers for your sails, or for your home, we have the solution for you.

We perform rigging jobs for all types of vessels or architectural. Contact us.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional touch or an extra protection, we work on leather. Protecting areas of greater abrasion or making your steering wheel more comfortable.

We offer a complete service of cleaning, protection and waterproofing of textiles. We wash and waterproof covers and sails, polish windows and reapply coating on your downwind sails.

If you look for a 100% personalizes custom service for a carpet, in terms of geometry, textures or colors. We have the right product for you.


We know that the sailmaking work is very personal and important for who owns a boat. Due to the experience accumulated in the sailing area of ​​the Blaus team, we know that the sails of your vessel are the soul of the same.

In this way we print a high rigor and excellence in the work we do.

We are a team with many years of experience in the textile field, and many more in regards to sailmakingt work. We have a wide range of services with special focus on the manufacture of sail for boats, as well as repair of and maintenance.

Textile services, covers, awnings, upholstery and carpets

We know that comfort aboard your boat is essential. As such Blaus has for your boat and for your home a wide range of services in the textile area, namely in the production and confection of covers, awnings and upholstery.

Whether it’s for your boat or your home, the solutions we have for you are perfect for any job that requires professional execution.

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Whatever the service of sailmaking or textile service we have the ideal solution for you.

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