Awnings and Coverings

Production of Awnings for your boat, house or commercial establishment

We are a company that seeks innovation in all our products, offering a wide range of solutions and models of awnings, coverings, for esplanades, storefronts and car stands, wind protection and shade sails.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or large boat, if it’s a dwelling or a commercial space. Blaus produces and installs awnings and coverings wherever the place may be.

We execute a complete job. From the design of the awning and cover, to the production using modern, sturdy and durable materials. We finish by applying and installing the work in the location defined by the client.

Awnings as custom made solutions and with custom specifications – custom made shapes

Our production line in our facilities, allows us to produce any size of awning or shape, giving total creative freedom to our customers.

Industrial machines allow you to sew light or extremely strong fabrics such as reinforcements in extra strong straps.

Classical or modern design of your awnings and coverings

It’s your choice! We produce classic coverings, with traditional shapes and colors or other more daring, going against the image you want to pass on to your friends or clients.

Choose the shape, color and place where to apply the awnings or Covering and Blaus will manufacture the job according to your specifications.

Awnings with network or compact

We have a wide variety of fabrics, developed specifically for the production of awnings or coverings.

We can use tarpaulins like the classic Sunbrella or micro-perforated nets, allowing some ventilation.

Awnings and Coverings = Solar Protection = Energy saving

Because the environment and economic profitability is also a concern for us, our products allow in some cases to reduce your energy bill by thermally protecting your space and consequently improving your ecological footprint.

Contact us to know about all he solutions we have for you or ask us a quote.