Sailmaking Services

Sailmaking Services

Fruit of a passion for the sea and sailing, the service of sailmaker executed by the Blaus in conjunction with Olimpic Sails always excel by the rigor, the excellence and the delivery in each project.

At our loft, we produce tailor-made sails with the best materials directed to your type of use in order to obtain the best and longest lasting results. So you can enjoy unforgettable moments when sailing and always faster.

We work with the best fabric brands on the market, such as Dimention Polyant and Contender. We manufacture not only sails in Dacron for your family trips, but also the highest technology like Carbon or Tecnora, boosting your performance above your competition.

Custom sailmaker construction

For us, all sails are unique! The specifics of each boat and the use of each type of sail in the right conditions are very important when sailing. For this is essential to have sails impeccably adapted to each boat.

At Blaus / Olimpic Sails we manufacture tailor-made sails so you can make the most of your boat when sailing.

Macros and Space Membranes

To produce the best membranes on the market with high durability, we evaluate all the characteristics of your boat, such as weight, draft, displacement, mouth and study the loads exerted on the device and sails, in order to optimize the shape and distribution of fibers in their membrane sails.

Downwind sails

We produce sails, quick and easy to use with 10 crew members or only 1! According to your sailing program, we can advise you on the best solutions.


In addition to producing new sails, we also repair all types of sails. Do not hesitate, contact us and we will be happy to give our advice and make our experience available.

Or ask us for a budget about sailmaking.