Textile Cleaning

Specialized Textile Cleaning, Waterproofing and Treatment Service

Dodgers (Canvas and Window)
Biminis / Awnings
Sail covers/ Lazy bags
Boat covers
Sail bags
Sails (Cleaning and Coating)


Spot treatment to remove stains such as mildew, rust, grease, insects, marks and pollution.
Cleaned and finished with water-repellence and mildew protection.
The process ensures that plastic windows will not be spoiled.


The sail cleaning and finishing process

The process includes the specific treatment for stains, soaking, pre-washing and main washing in soft water. The sails are re-impregnated with protective coatings to ensure they are again resistant to climatological and environmental conditions.

This is done by applying new finishes such as anti- mildew and special resins to make the sails water repellent again. Finally, the process concludes by heat-fixing the applied products and drying the sails.

The sail is spread out completely, and passed through the individual treatment steps.