Upholstery to sit, lie down, rest and relax

We produce upholstery and cushions with the geometry and dimension you want, always using the best fabrics and foams, in order to guarantee the greatest comfort and the greatest possible durability.

At sea

Our fabrics are prepared to withstand the harshest environmental conditions such as UV rays, wind and salt water. Years of experience allow us to calculate the load and abrasion forces that your upholstery will be subjected to, reinforcing these critical points.
Normally we use a net in the back of our upholstery in order to allow excellent ventilation.

In land

We have produced over the years customized upholstery for various customers not only at sea, but also ashore! If you are looking for a shape that fits your special nook, with unique features, we can help. High strength materials, excellent garage results year after year.

Comfort and functionality

In all our work, we seek to provide our customers with the best solutions in terms of comfort and functionality. We adjust and adapt our products according to the unique characteristics of the local house and each use.