Olimpic Sails Furling Genoa

Olimpic sails furling genoa with LPG at 108% and vertical battens

Sails design and cut at the Olimpic Sails in Italy and glued, stitch and finished at the Blaus facilities in Portugal. Furling genoa with tri-radial cut, with vertical battens, guaranteeing an easy maneuver without giving up the performance.


For the production of this furling genoa was used the DCX fabric of the renowned French brand Dimension Polyant. A high-performance cruise-oriented laminate, constructed with a polyester core and outer layers of taffeta. These layers guarantee optimum resistance to UV and abrasion.

Tri-Radial Cut

In addition to the advantages obtained in the correct orientation of the fibers, the use of this cut allows the use of two different weights of fabric. In this case, DCX-SL and DCX-L grains were used, which were lighter in the luff area and heavier in areas of higher wear, especially in the leech.


Those who sail with reduced crew know the difficulty of tacking or gibing with large foot furling genoa. In this case we decided to reduce the LPG to 108%, facilitating the whole maneuver, but installing 3 vertical battens, allowing a positive leech. The ease of maneuver in this case did not represent a lower performance.

UV Protection

Sail produced from origin with UV protection sticker, excellent in the optimization of sail shape.