Production of upholstery in canvas Sunbrella

Upholstery Production

Blaus has produced another excellent job. As you can see from the pictures, we made these upholstery in February 2017 for a commercial client.

The manufacture of these upholstery was made using resistant, durable and modern materials. For this purpose was used Sunbrella canvas, a reference in the market for the production of upholstery.

Production of upholstery with Sunbrella canvas

Sunbrella canvas offers a 5-year color warranty, which translates into an image guarantee that will last and withstand wear. A special anti-fungicide treatment will prevent the appearance of mold or other fungi.

The Sunbrella canvas, being a reference in the textile market, produces technologically advanced materials and designed to withstand harsh and demanding weather conditions.

Customisation in the production of upholstery

This work was completely customized according to the client’s specifications, not only in terms of shape, size and overall geometry but also using the client’s logo.